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“Best Food Ever. End of story.”

“One of my favorite places to eat in York. The food is always fresh and delicious. The atmosphere is always fun and eclectic. And you support a local business. The breakfast and lunch menus are always amazing. I’m drooling now thinking about it!”

“Definitely the top on my list! The sauces are NOICE! Great food and cool atmosphere.”

“Absolutely the best burritos I have ever had. Live about four hours away, hope to be back soon!”

“Amazing! My favorite burrito in the world! Awesome breakfast too!”

“I love me a big, fat burrito with all the fixins, so I love me some Rob’s. I usually visit the one in Central Market, but there are locations in West York and Dallastown now too.”

“Been going to Robs since they opened at the Dallastown location a few years ago. The burritos are nice size and very flavorful. If you eat in, you can try all the different hot sauces available. There all in squeeze bottles at the front counter. The “Cuban Missile Crisis” sauce is my personal favorite, its not for the faint of heart for sure.”

“Best vegan burritos ever!”

“Amazing burritos. Everything is in there but the kitchen sink. I got two, thinking one would not be enough. I was wrong, they are huge.”

“My family loved Roburritos. The burritos were delicious and the chicken quesadilla rocked. The staff was nice and I thought the place had personality and charm. Reminded me of the East Village and that’s a good thing.”